Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hartville Cucina Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil label


Food Pairing: Pesto, Brownies, and other Baked Goods

This is a very nice, medium intensity, well balanced oil. It has just the right amount of bitterness to go along with the notable pungency and fresh fruitiness. The flavor is really complex – both ripe and green – with buttery, tropical, nutty, and ripe apple notes as well as green apple, mint, and cinnamon herbal characteristics. Shelf life: 2 years for peak flavor. Product of Spain.

Hartville Cucina Picholine Extra Virgin Olive Oil label


Food Pairing: Seafood, Pasta, As a Dressing for a Nicoise Salad

This is very unique oil made from the French Picholine olive variety grown in cool, coastal California. Dominating the flavor, though are primarily the characteristics of strong dark-green herbs, with green apple, mint, cinnamon, woodiness, and chili pepper. Shelf life: 2 years for peak flavor. Product of California.

Hartville Cucina Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Food Pairing: Tastes well when sautéing or baking, or brushed on marinated meats and vegetables.

A beautiful medium intensity, balanced Picual with highly fruity aromas of green almond, fresh fig, tomato plant, banana peel, and nettle. This mostly fruity and pungent, less bitter oil is alive with green herbaceous notes, mint, black pepper and sweet sensations of green apple. Shelf life: 2 years for peak flavor. Product of Spain.