Feb 8

Bakery & Dining Room Cheesecake Special

Monday, February 8th, 2021

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Bakery & Dining Room Cheesecake Special

About the Event:

For a limited time, pick up a special piece of cheesecake for two in our bakery. Take your choice of either Vanilla or Chocolate Ganache covered. Each piece is designed with a red heart, white chocolate curl, and a fanned strawberry. Take home this special dessert for $9.99 or buy two for $17.99.

*Ony available in the bakery. Pre-Orders Available.

For the week of February 8 – 13,  add a piece of creamy cheesecake to the end of your meal with your choice of topping. Choose between Mixed Berry, Cherry, or Chocolate to top your dessert. Enjoy this limited-time dessert for only 3.99. This dessert only comes once a year, so we invite you to indulge your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day.

*Dining Room and Carry Out Only.


Hartville Kitchen
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Hartville, Ohio 44632
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