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The Shops Join New Boutique Market During 2022 HOFEF

Last updated on October 5th, 2022

As part of the 2022 Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival (HOFEF) Fashion Show Luncheon on Aug. 5, our team shared popular brands of clothing, jewelry, purses, and more from the Shops at Hartville Kitchen at a new pre-show BOUTIQUE MARKET from 720 Community Markets & Events.

Excited to partner again with Jami Kinton as our model for the fashion show, we offered guests up-close glimpses of some of our favorite pieces from Pandora, Brighton, Vocal, Tribal Fashion, Rain, Swarovski, Tagua, and others.

Long-time Hartville customer, fashion-show founder shares event history

Last year we discovered one of our long-time customers, Bea McPherson, helped found the fashion show and served as its first chair in 1963. In a video made especially for the event, Bea shared a few memories from the very beginning, including a list of former downtown Canton department stores that showcased their fashions. We hope you enjoy hearing this piece of Stark County history from Bea!


Hello everyone. This is Bea McPherson. I was fortunate enough to serve as the first chair of the Pro Football Hall of Fame fashion show in 1963 and co-chair in 1965. In those years, it was held at the Onesto Hotel and the Canton Jewish Community Center. Spouses of the pro football players were recruited to model modern fashions from our downtown department stores, including Polsky's, Stern and Mann's, Georgeann's [sic], Bon Marche, and the Parisian. Like many fledgling affairs, we were on a shoestring budget. Don't tell anyone, but we couldn't afford elaborate table arrangements. So, members of the garden club asked funeral directors for flower donations. We started off small with 300 attendees. Tickets were $3.50 each. It has been wonderful to its popularity grow and grow over the years. I have never forgotten the friendships I formed from volunteering for this activity. Please enjoy the 59th annual style show and carry on the tradition into the 60th year.