Come Home to Hartville for the Holidays

The holidays in Hartville, Ohio, are truly magical this year. Bring friends and family members in 2022 to see Santa, shop for unique items you won't easily find elsewhere, and enjoy a special meal together.

The Shops Join New Boutique Market During 2022 HOFEF

During the 2022 HOFES Fashion Show, we offered guests up-close glimpses of some of our favorite pieces from Pandora, Brighton, Vocal, Tribal Fashion, Rain, Swarovski, Tagua, and more.

Hartville Is A Popular Destination for Ohio Bus Tours

"It's all about the convenience, comfort, and conversation. When we take a bus tour to Hartville, we just sit back, relax, and let them do the driving." ~ Christine Diedrick, frequent bus tour passenger and Hartville Kitchen guest

Hartville: One of Ohio's Best Places to Shop, Explore, Eat, Stay

Hartville Kitchen's Christa Kozy frequently gives tours of our 200-acre Experience Hartville campus. Now you can join her virtually as she shows you all the shopping, dining, and entertainment that's available here for the whole family!

We Call Him 'Santa Steve'

Hartville is the place to see Santa in Northeast Ohio. Retired nursing professor Steven Merrill looks the part and joyfully shares the spirit of St. Nick.

Pumpkin Pie, Other Fall Favorites Return to Hartville Kitchen & Bakery

Look for fall's finest treats at Hartville Kitchen and Bakery! From pumpkin pie to apple cider, find all your favorite fall treats here.

The Face of Brighton Jewelry, Handbags in Hartville

Meet Sandy Pryor, the rep for Brighton at the Shops at Hartville Kitchen for over 13 years and a "Brighton girl" for much longer than that.